On April 1st, 2008 Shane Brewer, the founder and owner of Out of This Galaxy Bakery was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During his treatment he benefited from two charitable organizations: Make-A-Wish Foundation and Friends of Kids with Cancer.  During the end of treatments Shane went off to college and received degrees in Culinary Science and Hospitality Management.  He later went to Culinary School and recieved a Baking and Pastry degree.  While in college he would spend long days in classes and wanted to find alternatives for snacks to the mass produced grocery store offerings.  After a while he came up with making granola bites because it was nutritious, easy to carry, and filling.  With a degree in Culinary Science, he had all the knowledge of ingredient interactions to make them the way he wanted.  He wanted to be unique and produce a bite that tasted homemade and fresh just like what would come out of your own kitchen.  With that in mind, he went to work creating a bite that was made from all natural ingredients that you could find in your local grocery store.  With no preservatives added we have a commitment to making them fresh so you are guaranteed to have a fresh, high quality bite each time you order.  In the end this means more work for us, but a better quality product for you.  With each purchase we donate 10% of our proceeds between the two charities.  Please see below to learn more about these charities.  Know that when you purchase granola bites from our company they are not only fresh, but you are helping to support a great cause.  Thank you for your support and please contact us with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.    



Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.  These wishes are what can help a child get through the illness by giving them something to reenergize them in an effort to continue the fight.  Every wish is granted to what the wish child wants and goes beyond what they could ever imagine.

Chef and Owner

With a degree in Culinary Science, Hospitality Management, and Baking and Pastry he is able to combine the art of food and baked goods with the knowledge of science to create items that are delicious, nutritious, and natural.

Shane Brewer

Friends of Kids with Cancer is devoted to enriching the daily lives of children undergoing treatment for, and survivors of, cancer and blood related diseases.  Our mission is to be an advocate for these special kids and provide them and their families with the educational, emotional and recreational support needed as a result of the long hours chemotherapy, illness and isolation.

Friends of Kids with Cancer